Rossi 1931 Letterpress Christmas Cards ~ Box of 10 Cards With Gold Envelopes

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The Rossi "Classics Italiana" collection of wonderful and luxurious holiday cards and gift tags includes a large range of distinctive and original patterns printed on Letterpress machines in Italy. Find just the right match for your seasonal greeting!

The cards are made from a high quality soft paper (270 gsm) that is enriched with multicolour printing and embossed with a hot gold foil. Send your Christmas or holiday greeting in the most charming of ways with this unique Christmas design.

Letterpress printing was developed in the 14th century and involves setting type and motifs in reverse on a letterpress plate, which is then inked and pressed onto the surface of paper. This style of printing leaves a deep impression on the paper creating a three dimensional print that has a feel unlike any other type of printing. Most letterpress papers use a high quality and heavier weight paper that won't tear or thin when pressed. Prints are made one-at-a-time with each print having its own unique variations of ink coverage and depth of impression.

Rossi 1931 is a family owned and operated papermaker in Florence, Italy. For Letterpress Stationery, they use a perfect type of paper containing fibers that are soft and readily accept an impression as well as ink. Their decorative papers, cards, writing papers and notebooks attest a love for the profession which combines the most refined and advanced industrial technology with an artisan heritage, still practiced and maintained. Today, the Rossi products can be found in the best Stationery and Gift Shops in the most important cities in the world.


Made in Italy