Blackwing Pencils: Volume 344 Dorthea Lang Photographer

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Pictures were once developed using chemical and physical reactions. The act of developing the images in a dark room was as much an art form as the capturing of the picture. American photographer Dorothea Lange took an iconic photograph In 1936, while working for the Farm Security Administration. Her famous picture “Migrant Mother” shows the pain and hope of a 32-year old working mother of seven in Nipomo, CA. During the Great Depression. It’s a masterpiece of photographic story telling.

The Blackwing 344 pencil celebrates the 80th anniversary of Dorothea’s famous picture. The pencil was designed to reflect how it would appear in a darkroom. The pencil has a sepia coloured  barrel, red foil imprint, infra red ferrule and black eraser. The model number 344 is a nod to the Library of Congress LOT 344, which houses many of Dorthea’s photographs, including the iconic “Migrant Mother.”

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