Diplomat Excellence A Plus Bauhaus Rollerball Pen


A precursor movement of contemporary design, born in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century, the “Bauhaus” style has succeeded in settling in time, its refined forms and its intelligent functions.

A Classic design now at your fingertips!

Diplomat extends its Excellence A series with a superior version: the Excellence A Plus, which is equipped with a spring-loaded clip and a screw-on cap. It is here that the end user can choose between two versions of high quality Excellence pens appropriate to their writing habits and needs. With a short rotation of only 1/3 turns, the cap can be easily and silently unscrewed from the barrel. The spring-loaded clip is made of solid metal, and the iconic Diplomat shape of the clip is stylized with a flower logo. Variations of existing pen models can be made upon request.

All-metal casing
High-quality, multi-layered brilliant lacquer finish

Made in Germany