Harbinger of Secrets

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British Ginger Press "The time is the early 1940s, as World War II is underway. The place is rural England, in a sleepy village called Marsham Priory. Eve Trelawney feels trapped, stifled in her quiet life with her husband David, the local doctor. He enjoys his work at the cottage hospital and times spent gardening at home. But Eve craves excitement. A woman with a past, she has been an undercover agent in the Great War and suddenly has an opportunity to return to her former career with British Intelligence. She ignores her husband's warnings, and soon finds herself embroiled in a world in which things are seldom what they seem.

Eve has become shrewder and more addicted to danger. Playing now for even higher stakes, she faces not only the new challenges of a different war, but also the shock of unfinished business from her early life.

This story of a woman who proves equal to her risky job in a man's world is not only a vivid recreation of the war years in England, it is surprisingly relevant for today's world where women must often navigate the demands of career at the same time as battling the forces of passion within."

About the Author

Rosalind Went was born in Wales and spent much of her childhood in Wales and England before immigrating to Canada in 1969. She has written computer courseware and taught computer-related courses since 1985. In the 1990s she wrote articles and reviews that appeared in a Canadian trade publication. Although writing fiction is now her prime focus, she is also a digital photography enthusiast. This has led to the self-publishing of softcover and hardcover books of her many and varied collections. A keen interest in music inspired her CD, "The India & China Tea Company," a collection of digitally created instrumentals. The short score for Harbinger of Secrets was composed to accompany the book's trailer. As of summer 2008, the new imprint - BritishGinger Press - will appear on all of Rosalind's writing, photography and music projects. The author lives in southern Ontario Canada with her husband and daughters.