MD Notebook Diary 2022 ~ A4 Variant Thin

$27.95 $36.00

The “MD Notebook Diary Thin” is a slim diary that emphasizes portability by slimming down to only a monthly page and a memo space from the "MD
Notebook Diary", which has been designed to the utmost limit in order to combine the original functions of a diary with the pleasure of writing freely.

The MD Notebook Diary combines the same block type monthly schedule as the MD Notebook Diary with a notebook page to keep plenty of notes for daily events and idea sketches.

The gridded page allows you to write both letters and shapes beautifully, and you can conveniently jot down notes, ideas, and to do lists according to your usage.

Cover: Paraffin paper rolling
Diary: MD PAPER, Thread binding, with a Bookmark String, with Index sticker / Monthly block (12/2021~1/2023)

Contents: Total 111pages / 2p Annual calendar, 28p Monthly schedule, 1p Plain memo page, 80p Grid memo pages

Package size: H275 X W220 X D8mm Product size: H275 X W210 X D8mm

Made in Japan