Blackwing Volume 16.2 Limited Edition (Set of 12)

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Blackwing Pencil 16.2 The Ada Lovelace pencil

Ada Lovelace was the child protégé of Lord Byron and Anne Isabella Milbanke. The young girl had a gift for making connections and seeing patterns. Ada referred to her gift for analysis as “the Discovering Faculty”.
Ada translated an article about the Analytical Engine computer (created by Charles Babbage), In 1843. Ada’s own notes while translating this article are widely seen as the development of the first complete computer program. She is referred to as “the Prophet of the Computer Age” because Ada was able to peek into the future and envision the computer’s potential, including the creation of music.
The Blackwing 16.2 pencil honours Ada Lovelace as a writer, visionary and mathematician.  The matte white finish and matte black ferrule of this pencil are a nod to the styling of basic early personal computers. This pencil has a firm graphite which can hold up to hours of writing or long calculations. The number 16.2 refers to the Analytical Engine’s storage capacity of 16.2 kB (for reference – this is 0.00005% the storage of today’s average smartphone). Each pencil showcases a binary pattern stamp of Ada’s initials AAL … as she used to sign her work.