Blackwing Volume 1 Limited Edition (Set of 12)

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The 1970s music scene was infused with a melding of country and pop. The iconic Guy Clark opened his home to mentor many emerging artists. He and his wife Susanna opened their Nashville home to generations of groundbreaking artists over the years, giving them a space to create songs that broke down the walls built by mainstream country music.

Guy Clark's first album was called Old No. 1 and is considered incredibly influential. It introduced people to a new quality of songwriting fueled by authenticity and substance. Guy rejected formulaic songwriting processes and instead created acoustic music that spoke his mind and were produced without overdoing it; to allow the stories to be the focus.

The Blackwing 1 embraces the raw style and unvarnished authenticity of Guy Clark. Blackwing’s first round pencil features a matte grey washcoat finish that lets the true character of the wood grain shine through, a blue erasure in honour  of Guy’s trademark blue shirt. The imprint and ferule are sliver and the pencil has a balanced graphite to glide smoothly whilst... songwriting.

Perfect for the humble, authentic artist in your life. Each set contains 12 LIMITED EDITION pencils. Don't hesitate, because once they’re gone, they’re gone.