Blackwing Volume 10 Limited Edition (Set of 12)


Imagine writing a story about an insane asylum by getting yourself committed to one. Journalist Nellie Bly did exactly that In 1887. She was asked to look into the conditions of a New York asylum and “write up things as you find them, good or bad.” Nellie managed to get herself committed for ten days.

She called her series “Ten Days in a Madhouse,” and it uncovered the brutal conditions in the asylum and broke stereotypes around mental illness.

The Blackwing 10 is a tribute to Nellie Bly – and all the good investigative journalists who are needed more today than ever before. This pencil sports a matte grey newsprint finish, dark grey imprint, silver ferrule, and dark grey eraser. Its extra-firm graphite is designed for lots of note-taking. The number 10 represents the ten days Nellie Bly spent in the asylum investigating her iconic story.