Blackwing Volume 840 Limited Edition (Set of 12)

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The Surfing Pencil:

Surfing was a Hawaiian tradition used in ancient times as a way to decide who would be chief of a tribe. Duke Kahanamoku was descended from Hawaiian royalty and grew up swimming and surfing. He was an Olympic gold medalist in swimming and used his visibility to bring surfing to the beaches of southern California in 1907.

The Blackwing 840 special edition pencil is a tribute to Duke Kahanamoku and the surfing culture he helped foster. The pencil's barrel is Pacific Ocean green. The gold foil accent wanders down the barrel mimicking the California coastline. The pencil's balanced graphite supports a "West Coast smooth" writing experience and the eraser clip is California gold. Duke introduced his beloved surfing to California’s 840 mile coast, but the surfing lifestyle lives on in all of us.

Perfect for the adventurous sun lover in your life.

The Q1 - spring edition of the popular Blackwing's Volumes series features gold detailing and the same core on a Blackwing Pearl of balanced graphite.