After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I find myself wanting to recharge and reset. It makes sense at this time of year - after all, winter is nature's dormant season. Many animals hibernate and plants rest. It seems a bit deceptive to our modern sensibilities: many of us are conditioned to equate success, and even our worth, with productivity. However, rest is productive - it rejuvenates us in a way nothing else can. Also, through life experiences, we all come to realize (sooner or later) that our worth doesn't come from any achievement, or even anything physical. We're worthy because we're here.

What're the ways you replenish yourself? Is it taking a nap? Having your best friend over for coffee or tea for a heart-to-heart conversation? Time away from screens? A walk or run outside? Tending to your plants? Drawing and painting? Getting those heavy, dark or tangled thoughts down onto paper to lighten your load? Singing or playing a song? Meditating? Yoga? We all have our own ways that really do the trick.

The start of the new year can often be a time when we like to give ourselves challenges to begin. We set new goals and objectives. And while this is fine, it's also fine to take it easy. To rest. It's not that one way is better than another, rather, it's about what is right for you in this moment. Only you can know for sure what's best for you.

Regardless of how you choose to begin this new season, one thing that's guaranteed to have a positive effect is this: be kind to yourself. Imagine you're your own best friend. How would you behave? What would you do differently? Chances are, you'd be a lot gentler with yourself. More open-minded, tolerant and accepting. Especially of any perceived imperfections.

So how will you be starting off your January? If you happen to pop by the shop, feel free to let us know. It's always wonderful to hear about a new practice that is working and makes you feel healthier, calmer, and clearer. After all, aren't we all after the same thing? It brings us joy to connect with you.

Wishing you and your loved ones a year of good health, creativity and joy!

December 27, 2022 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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