Antoinette D’Angelo is the visionary behind Figg Street Co. She is an enthusiast of beautiful papers and fine stationery.

“I truly love quality craftsmanship and often find myself in awe of the creative process that personifies the artisan.”

The artisanal process is slow and intentional; akin to a love affair with their craft. The end result is cultivated beauty, original design, and good function.

An appreciation for quality handmade goods is blossoming. The allure inspires and invites our senses to an experience of tactility and ownership. Moreover, the human connection towards the maker offers intrinsic meaning.

At Figg Street Co. we know this to be true. We understand that life is about relationships: it’s about connecting with people and nurturing those bonds. And, in an age of information overload we find ourselves more distracted and disconnected from within and to one another. In reaction to this, a conscientious movement towards mindfulness and slowing down the pace has come to light.

Today, writing and artistry is more beloved than ever. Whether one is writing or sketching in a journal, sending a card or composing a note, the act allows us to be ‘mindful’ in the moment. And through the process we have rediscovered what a luxury taking time out is!

Whether you are the giver or the receiver, the experience is far more soulful than a disappearing text or fleeting email.

“To me, a beautiful card or a lovely piece of handmade paper, nurtures the soul. It reflects elements of grace, romance and personal style.”

A thoughtful sentiment can be reread and cherished forever. The written word is like an instant hug. It is such a beautiful way to capture and preserve our history.

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