What Christmas memories from childhood transport you back in an instant? For me, it's waking up at the crack of dawn to see what's under the Christmas tree. Also, having Christmas dinner at my Italian grandmother's home.

Wrapping those gifts that go under the tree can be a sure way to put you in the holiday spirit. After wrapping presents, don't you look forward to seeing your friends and family unwrap them? When setting out to prepare the gifts, find a private room or corner (unless you've got the place to yourself), put on some festive music and gather all your supplies and tools: paper, tape, scissors and ribbons.

Gift Wrapping

There are many different styles and techniques people use when wrapping. Consider the gift you're giving. If it's large, you may want to stick to wrapping it in a way that's easy for you. One tip: if you're running short on paper, try rotating the paper 45 degrees so it's sitting at a diagonal to the edge of the box or item you're wrapping. Then bring in each triangle toward the centre of the top face and viola! Suddenly, it works!

If you have glass items, such as preserves or pickled things, cover the lid with a piece of fabric or paper and use a ribbon to tie a bow around the rim, along with a tag.

Are you mindful of the environment and want to add a natural element to your wrapping? Head outdoors and gather a few embellishments from nature: pinecones and greenery look fantastic when tied into a bow with ribbon or twine. A dehydrated slice of orange, flowers or berries can also be worked in.

Ribbons made from natural fibres, such as cotton and linen have a lovely texture and reduce our use of plastic. Also, ribbons are multi-purpose items that can be re-used again and again in a multitude of ways.

Rather than plastic tape, try washi tape, which is biodegradable. (It's made from plant material and the adhesive is made of rubber.) Of course, ribbon can be used in other parts of holiday decorating. They make perfect finishing touches on wreaths of all kinds, on stockings, candles and to secure napkins for table settings.

Ornament with Ribbon

When you find a ribbon you love, use it to create a bow atop a simple bauble. Or use it to hang bells, mistletoe and ornaments. Ribbon or string can make the spine for bunting, across a mantle or staircase railing. Hang things on it: Santa's laundry, stockings, ornaments, greenery, or paper cut-outs.

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It's amazing how paper and ribbon can create such an abundance of ideas and results! We hope you enjoy putting the final touches on your holiday preparations and look forward to checking in with you next week!

December 14, 2021 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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