Have you looked up lately? Did you happen to catch the amazing Northern Lights in March when they made a rare appearance in Southern Ontario? We saw some amazing photos from Guelph that showed a mix of neon chartreuse, blues, greens and shades of pink and purple.

The night sky sometimes puts on such a beautiful display it can feel like partaking in an incredible concert.

April is Global Astronomy Month. And doesn't it make sense that it's global? After all, no matter where we live on this planet, we all share that same sense of mystery and curiosity when we look up at the night sky. How far does the universe stretch out? What's out there?

Some people have a particular interest in our moon. In fact, at this time of year, some gardeners follow the phases of the moon when determining when to sow their seeds, transplant their seedlings and make other plant-related decisions.

At Figg, we carry a beautiful letterpress moon calendar that's popular with many. It's waxing and waning rhythm provides a certainty and serenity in our fast-paced culture.

Sometimes these moon phases are tracked in people's bullet and garden journals. It's a small doodle that can connect us in an instant with the grand scheme of life.

Anyone with an interest in moons or astronomy may know that there're many types of moons. Some full moons are larger (Supermoons) and some take on a specific hue. On April 6th, we experienced a Pink Full Moon. It's named after a wildflower species that grows here in North America.

For many of us, seeing a night sky full of stars can be breathtaking. When it's dark enough, and our eyes adjust, we seem to see tinier and tinier stars. It can look like fairy dust sprinkled throughout the galaxy.

In the summer, when the weather is warm, one of life's pleasures is laying out on the grass of a hilltop and looking up at the stars. It can be fun to share this experience with a close friend and make out constellations.

Looking through a telescope, or simply with the naked eye at any time of year can be humbling and awe-inducing. It's incredible how small we are. How enormous the universe is. The shapes, colours, luminescence, and unknown up in the cosmos can spark our imagination. Night sky watching makes for great creative inspiration.

Outer space has inspired more than one stationery maker, including those who make writing instruments. Famously, Fisher Space Pen Company created The Space Pen, which is able to write in conditions of zero gravity, at any angle, and underwater.


We hope you take a few minutes this month to look up in the evening and take in the beauty of the night sky. Who knows? Maybe you'll see a shooting star.

April 18, 2023 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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