Does the idea of laying out a blanket on the grass and reading a good book appeal to you? Maybe you have a hammock or a reclining chair on a terrace that you prefer. Whether under a shade tree, patio umbrella, out in the sun or inside, summertime is a great time to escape into a thick tome. 

Novels are popular summer reading choices for many reasons. Some people feel reading fiction is indulgent, so they wait until a summer vacation, long weekend or other holiday to take that time for themselves and read purely for pleasure.

Here are a few novels we've read and enjoyed:

Nora Ephron
Elizabeth Gilbert
Other popular summer reading material includes memoir, biography or character-centred non-fiction. These stories about real people captivate us and expand our perspective of life, as we see views and experiences through other people's eyes.
Charing Cross Road
Vanity Fair Diaries
The Premonition
Taylor Swift
We hope that in this list there is something that delights you for a few hours this summer. For more ideas on the pleasure of escape and travel, check us out next week. Until then...
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p.s.  Find our recommended summer reads at your local bookstore. We love popping in to browse the shelves at Someday Books and Thistle Bookshop
August 17, 2021 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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