What do Michael Cera, Linda Evangelista, Michael Bublé, Bob Manno, and Dina Pugliese have in common? They're all Italian-Canadians!

At Figg, we've got Italia on the mind since June is Italian Heritage Month.

Canada has one of the largest Italian diasporas in the world. We have over 1.5 million citizens of Italian descent. Many of us are familiar with the Little Italy neighbourhoods in larger cities, though there're also many other pockets and regions influenced by Italian culture.

In our shop, we sell many things made in Italy, including stationery, scissors, ribbons, greeting cards, writing instruments, decorative papers, paper clips, and more.

Rossi and Parafernalia are among the Italian brands we carry.

There're several aspects of Italian arts & culture we adore in the stationery business:

  • the tradition of paper-making in Amalfi
  • Florentine decorative papers, including marbled ones
  • Italian letterpress stationery & notecards
  • Florentine brass wax seal stamps

Creatives of all backgrounds have looked to Italy for inspiration in many facets of arts and culture, such as food, wine, painting, sculpture, architecture, design, cars, fashion, literature, film and philosophy.

It's amazing to consider the influence this boot-shaped country has had on the world.

Italian-Canadians are among the many immigrants that have made contributions to our country, and region. Join us in celebrating our diversity and multi-culturalism this month at the Niagara Folk Arts Festival, which runs from June 4th though the 27th.


A few of us may head to Club Roma this month for some food 'like mama used to make', but next week, we'll be celebrating papa. Join us next Tuesday, which will be all about Father's Day.

June 07, 2022 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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