What in your life right now gives you reason to celebrate? For the fun-loving, there's always a good excuse for a gathering and a party.

When it comes to greeting cards, we often sell ones at the shop that pertain to life's happy moments: engagements, weddings, a new home, graduations, and a wedding, business or other type of anniversary. There are also those who choose blank greeting cards to celebrate people and relationships in their life at random, or by surprise, rather than linking them to a specific day. Friends, lovers, mentors, and business partners are just a few examples.

When it comes to selecting and writing in a celebratory card, consider the recipient. (You may notice we've mentioned this one before.) It's always best to consider the recipient, and when you're not sure of something - ask! Take a few minutes to ask some questions and get to know them better. This will lead to a better outcome than making assumptions. Of course, there are times when we simply don't have that option. So, in any case...

... when writing a celebratory card, draw upon your empathy. What makes you happy for them? Rather than omitting what seems obvious to you, write down how you feel. Share your happiness for the person, couple, or group. If you recall a relevant memory that's happy, kind or funny, include it with your comments. Perhaps you'd like to extend your best wishes, as well. Before writing, take a few seconds to breathe deeply, close your eyes and centre yourself. You may find this helps ideas come to mind and for your words to flow.

If you'd like to mark an occasion as special, consider adding embellishments to your card and envelope. Miniature paper rose or pearl stickers, for example. Stamps that you can leave as is, or colour in. Washi tape or a wax seal as a final touch.

Another option is to press a flower or foliage. You can glue this to a blank card, or protect it between two small pieces of wax paper and include it inside the card. It may be especially lovely if the plant is a particular favourite or has significant meaning.

To personalize any greeting card, use colourful or metallic ink. If you know what colours the recipient likes, choose something they would prefer, even if it's different from your own preference. Perhaps especially so. It's in these little details where one can sometimes feel seen for who they are (if you get it right).

A fantastic greeting card embellishment for a celebratory occasion is ribbon. This can really make an envelope pop and stand out, even in a subtle way, if that's the effect you're going for. Ribbons are so easy and simple to add, yet they can add an element of luxury that will make the recipient feel special. They're also one of the most useful embellishments you can give, since they have a multitude of re-use purposes. From hair ties to napkin holders to christmas tree ornaments, etc. there's always a use for a beautiful ribbon.

And if you'd like to go a step further to affix something with that ribbon to the envelope, check out our reverie section in this issue and make an origami rose. You can use origami paper, or select decorative paper of your choice to work into a single or small cluster of blooms. Another plus: you don't need to water them!




We hope this year brings you at least one occasion to celebrate. If you're in a relationship, or just a romantic at heart, you may enjoy next week's focus on the next holiday in our calendar: Valentine's Day.

Until then, we've all got something new to celebrate: Wiarton Willie has predicted an early spring!

February 06, 2024 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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