On these rainy, grey days, it's easy to complain, but we're lucky. Most of us have such cozy shelters to nestle into with a myriad of modern day conveniences that would be the envy of our great, great grandparents.


Rainy day crafts


As the rain makes a meditative pitter patter sound against the window pane, we can delve into our inner world and put pen to paper. It's a great environment for journaling or sketching. We can draw with graphite pencils or coloured ones. We can use markers, charcoal or pastels. Whatever resonates with our self-expression. Check your notebook - does the paper stand up to watercolour? If so, paint away! For the little ones, finger painting may be a better idea. For true artists, perhaps acrylics or even oils.

Rainy days are also great days for crafts. There's knitting, crocheting, and sewing. There's a variety of paper-based crafts. Origami uses beautiful Japanese papers. You can create 3-D hearts, butterflies, cranes, and miniature boxes which double as gift containers.

You can make life-like paper flowers to fill a vase or large, pom-pom sized ones to decorate a room. Consider making decorations for someone you know who's having a wedding or baby shower coming up. Or any other type of celebration or event that can use a little creative expression. Mother's Day is around the corner!


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Relaxing Music and Rain Sounds


It's easy to get lost in your creative pursuits and discover the afternoon whizzing by. Take a cue from your pet: stop and take in the moment and just gaze out the window. Through the comfort of the indoors, you can listen and watch the rain, which is soothing in itself. Just thinking about this makes us wonder... do you hear the music?


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April 27, 2021 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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