If you've been to Figg Street Co. on Front Street in Thorold, and also checked out our website, you're likely aware that there're many more pleasant finds in our actual shop. We carry several items that you won't see in our web store.

La Rochere glassware and ceramics are among those in-person discoveries.

Isn't it amazing how silica, sodium carbonate and limestone - through specific heating and cooling techniques - can be turned into clear and hard glass?

La Rochere, which dates back to 1475 in France, is Europe's oldest continuously working glass factory. That's over 500 years of operations and experience!

Although La Rochere creates many lines of products, they're well known for their iconic bee symbol, which features on several of their drinking glasses, bowls, plates, and other tableware. Other popular motifs include dragonflies and the fleur-de-lis.

There're many things about these timeless French pieces that people love: each object often include a sturdy base, which means the glass sits more securely atop any surface. The elegant designs are beautiful enough to use for a formal occasion, yet durable enough for everyday use.

Elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary and cherish the little moments in life.

Many people also love La Rochere glass for health and environmental reasons: since glass contains no lead, it's a kind way to still enjoy a sip from a stylish vessel. And unlike plastic, glass can be endlessly melted down and made into new objects.

In addition to glassware, La Rochere also makes ceramics. Their Bee Collection uses the same bee motif displayed through its glassware.

These Provence countryside inspired bowls and plates come in two gorgeous colourways. Ecru is a versatile and stunning off-white, which strikes the perfect balance between yellow and grey undertones. The Bleu dishes are a sigh-inducing pale blue that evokes the calmness of water under summer sunlight.

La Rochere is a line we find delights so many customers at the Figg Street Co. shop. There's a romance and a robustness to their pieces that you're sure to appreciate when you hold any of their creations in your hand... and raise it to the light! Cheers! Cin Cin! Santé! Skål! Kanpai!

March 07, 2023 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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