It uplifts me whenever I stop and appreciate the little things in life that spark joy in my day. This extends to the way I interact with our community, and the roll Figg Street Co. plays. Local small businesses add character to our streets and neighbourhoods. It's my intention to add to our city's and region's charm. To be a hub for people to connect with one another, become inspired, and find things they'll enjoy using and sharing with others.

The United Nations has declared today, June 27th, Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day (MSMEs Day). It's a bit of a mouthful 😉 These businesses, of which Figg Street Co. is one, account for 90% of businesses, 60 to 70% of employment and 50% of GDP worldwide. I think we also realize that these are among the organizations in the world that make many services and experiences feel more personal than corporate.

One of the benefits of creating Figg Street Co. is the joy of doing what I love. There's pleasure I experience in selecting items and displaying them in the shop. I take care to keep it looking as I'd like and the atmosphere welcoming for each person who enters. There's a delight I feel when I connect with others over the beautiful craftsmanship of an item and we discover new things together.

And while there are many positives, owning a retail business feels like you're on a perpetual roller coaster ride. One has to learn to enjoy the unpredictable. There's a lot of responsibility when you're the one making all the decisions. There are many hats to wear. However, this also means the rewards are great. It's so fulfilling to see the fruits of one's labour. When I find a new brand, product line, or item and bring it in, it's so much fun to see others feel the same excitement and appreciation that I do.

Of course, this is because the most treasured gift I've received in creating Figg Street Co., is the connection I've made with so many people. The shop is like a four way intersection where customers converge, chat, share, laugh, cry, inspire each other and experience delight. Over the past few years especially, it's been wonderful to see the store provide a feeling of community for so many, including myself.

And just as I value my little rituals at home, I also feel invigorated by being able to offer personal services as a local business. Things like special ordering the Italian scissors someone would like or procuring an item I carry in a customer's favourite colour. I take pleasure in supporting other small and local businesses through the brands and product lines I carry. These are a few of the things that give us all the warm feeling we get when we shop at a boutique. It's about personalized attention.


As we celebrate Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day today, we hope you do, too. When we support our favourite local shops and services, it's a win-win for everyone.


June 27, 2023 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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