The delights of handwriting a letter continue even after the letter is finished. Once you've chosen paper, ink and the words to write, you get to embellish your letter and envelope however you like!

If you used a writing set, your paper likely came with a coordinated envelope. Envelopes are themselves a thing of beauty. They can be made of cotton, textured paper, lined in another colour or showcase a printed design. If you have multiple options, switch up your envelope and paper colours for a surprising effect.

One thing all mailed letters will require is a postage stamp. Rather than using the standard ones available, check out your options at Canada Post. There're special edition stamps that cover a broad range of topics and cultural icons. Consider your recipient's personal interests, time of year or location when selecting a stamp.

Do you know of another type of stamp that would work well? A wax seal stamp! People love receiving mail with an unexpected wax seal on it. The stamps themselves are made of brass and are still made in Europe to this day. There're a variety of motifs to choose from.

To use sealing wax, melt it in a rounded spoon and pour onto the back of the envelope before stamping. You can also light wicked wax sticks like candles and drip them onto paper. Most waxes sold today are flexible rather than the brittle type used in the past. Flexible wax holds up to our modern mail processing machinery.

For a personal touch and bit of whimsy, draw a doodle or add a sticker (or a few) to your letter and/or the envelope. This is especially great if you're sending a letter to a child. You can also enclose a small sheet or packet of stickers for them to use.

Enclosures are a great way to surprise and delight your mail recipient. If you're writing to cheer someone up, add a comic strip or joke. A pressed flower or leaf can be a way of sharing your garden or the season. Or include a magazine clipping, crossword or photograph. Even a set of postage stamps! Use your imagination.



We hope that this series on letter writing has inspired you to reach out to someone in a new way. It's been a long winter this year, but we did see a pair of bunny ears through our window... looks like Easter is on its way!

April 05, 2022 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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