What fills you with wonder? When you sit down to write your musings and dreams, where does you your mind go? Who do you know who captivates your attention? What places and experiences leave you speechless?

I love moments of awe. It's as if I can feel new connections forming in my brain that give off a joyful spark that fizzes throughout my body. I feel wiser and mesmerized at the same time. It's a growth spurt.

One of the amazing things in life is that we never know when or where a new delightful discovery will arise. I can get a little thrill from learning of an innovative and beautiful stationery item, and then feel it again when I experience it in tangible form.

Nature is another source of wonder for me. Seeing the first little bulbs of the year: snowdrops, iris reticulatas, and crocuses all connect me to the amazing and humbling cyclical nature of life.

In mid-March, it can astonish me how a simple maple tree can drip sap that turns into a sweet syrup with its own unique flavour.

And although it's easy to take for granted, we have one of the world's greatest wonders right here in our region: Niagara Falls!

Isn't it funny how when you live so close to an international sensation, you often only visit it when you're entertaining guests from out-of-town? Sometimes I have to remind myself to play tourist in my own area.

Of course, I also enjoy being an actual tourist. Travel is another way in which I experience awe and where I get inspired. Our planet's diverse landscapes are stunning. It's invigorating to hike over land and equally so to sail on the sea. Connecting with nature, for me, is a battery recharge for the soul.

In addition to outdoor beauty, I've also found myself fascinated by the many creations we human beings have made. Brilliant architecture, artwork, music and general design fill me with awe.

I can see why some people track and write about moments of wonder in their journals. It seems that those who make a point of noting down such occurrences - for example, seeing a double rainbow - end up having more of these than the rest of us. Is it that they're experiencing more, or that we're just not noticing?


We hope your week is full of wonder and awe-inspiring moments. If you're so inclined, take a peek in the garden and see what may be emerging there. It's amazing what we can discover right under our feet.

March 21, 2023 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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