One of the fun parts of working at a stationery shop is unboxing new items and displaying them on our shelves. It's especially exciting when brand new products arrive and it's our first time seeing them in the flesh.

Just a few days ago, we brought out bottles of Ferris Wheel Press Calligraphy inks!

These 28ml bottled inks come in four opaque pastel colours, which are formulated for legibility on black paper stock: 

These colours and their names evoke bridal showers and weddings, and their use with a dip pen, calligraphy nib or brush would allow for invitations, envelopes and menus to be written in the calligraphy script of your choice. This is a wonderful way to personalize any special occasion writing.

The calligraphy inks are lightfast, smudge resistant and waterproof acrylic. Each bottle has a silicone stopper to prolong the life of your ink.

Please note that calligraphy inks are designed for use with calligraphy writing instruments only. This includes dip pens, pens with calligraphy nibs and brush pens. They're not intended for use with fountain pens or rollerball pens. 

As it so happens, we have several options for you that are perfectly safe to use with your Ferris Wheel Press Calligraphy inks, including:

J. Herbin Glass Dip Pens

This hand-blown glass pen is made in the Venetian glass making tradition by the oldest pen ink company in the world. The glass and its design makes for a very tactile experience, unlike any other writing instrument. You will feel the texture of the page and its direct connection with you. The choice of material also means the nib will never rust or wear out, so as long as you take care of it, it will last a lifetime.

Glass dip pens write a very broad, wet line. To use the pen, dip the tip partway into your bottle of calligraphy ink. You may gently remove any excess. The only ink remaining should be held inside the small capillary grooves that spiral around the tip. As the ink starts to run dry when you write, turn the pen slightly so ink from the next groove can be used.

To see a glass pen in action, see our Reverie section below.

Brause nibs & holders

Brause is a German company with over 150 years in manufacturing experience (it was founded in 1850). We carry their classic, natural wood nib holders, which are compatible with Brause and other calligraphy and comic nibs.

At Figg Street Co., we carry several Brause steel nibs. The shape and size of each nib will determine the type of line you'll be able to create. Currently, we have the Rosefedern NR 76 nib in stock. We're always happy to order any particular nibs you'd like, so feel free to talk with us about options.

To see a nib and nibholder in use, see our second Reverie video below.


We hope you take delight in giving calligraphy a try, if you haven't already. It's a special writing experience, unlike any other. Perhaps one you might enjoy with a friend.

Friendship is another special experience in life, and we'll be talking more about that next week. Until then... enjoy this summertime!

July 18, 2023 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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