A friend of mine told me about a book she read years ago called The Human Factor. It's about how humans interact with technology. It explains how intuitive design can save lives and reduce the likelihood of 'human error'.

In one example, senior editors from a car magazine had a look at a brand new BMW. The dashboard features were plentiful (700 to 800 features!) and clearly created by the engineers to showcase what they were capable of producing and to impress others. As a result, it took them ten minutes just to figure out how to turn on the ignition.

This lesson seems even more relevant today. How many of us have adopted new platforms not because they improve our quality of life, but because of social pressure? Or perhaps more accurately, the fear of social judgment?

In addition to making unfocused decisions to conform with cultural norms, many of our tech-related decisions are not conscious ones. We're being influenced by technology itself in subtle and pervasive ways.

As many of us realize, the currency of today is attention. Our focus.

What we focus on matters. It creates the experience of our lives. We all know people who've been through the same situation, yet each individual has a different worldview, and that comes through in their attitude, decisions, and general disposition. Their differences result from what each person focuses on.

People who remain calm and easygoing may seem like they were granted lucky cards, but it takes fortitude to maintain focus on the positive in life. We're all wired with a negativity bias and we don't need to look far to find confirmation of any negative thought we indulge in.

When we consider the people in our life with whom we've truly connected and enjoyed being around, chances are high that when we're with them, they give us their attention. The most magnetic people throughout history have been those who can make you feel like you're the only one in the room. They focus, they listen. They're calm, present, and hold space for you.

It cannot be understated how valuable it is to each and every one of us to experience these kind of interactions with each other. Focus is energy. When we receive that gift of pure, compassionate attention from someone, it's mutually beneficial.

In many ways, focus is like intention. For a great life, we want it to align with what we value most. We want to make the conscious choice to use focus as a tool, which is empowering, rather than feeling victimized by letting our attention be used.


What steps do you take to maintain focus in your life? What matters most to you? It's always a delight to chat with you in the shop and learn of new ways to live life with intention.

Wishing you a wonderful week focused on the things that lift you and bring you joy!


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May 02, 2023 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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