Before Figg Street Co. was a reality, it was a dream I had.  It all started with a simple thought that I nurtured, and it grew.  There were people at that time who didn't believe in my dream, and told me so.  I had to protect it and keep faith in it alive.  I focused on the people and things that helped to cheer it on into fruition. 

When dreams are tiny newborns, they can feel vulnerable.  You may not feel ready to expose them to the world at large, and that's okay.  You can still care for them and develop them on your own, to start, by getting them onto the page.  There's a power in putting pen to paper and getting your thoughts down. 

Dreaming is an act of courage.  It's expansive and is our first step toward creation.  When we daydream, we're experiencing a positive emotional state.  We're exercising our imagination, considering all the wonderful things that could be.  That will be. 

A daydream journal can be as structured or as loose as you like.  If you prefer a more organized approach, consider a bullet journal dot grid notebook.  Create categories, such as places you'd like to visit, your dream relationship, new activities you'd like to try, etc. 

You can use a blank page notebook to give you maximum freedom of expression and create a scrapbook.  Write passages, lists, draw doodles and cut & paste inspiring images on its pages.  It can be a vision board, in notebook form. 

When considering what to write, go big! What do you wish to experience in your lifetime?  Maybe it's something so outrageous you're too afraid to tell anyone.  Or you don't believe it could actually happen.  Even if you don't know how it could ever come to pass, write it down anyway.  It's all safe to explore on paper. 

Find a place where you feel good.  At this time of year, you may even want to go outside and sit under the cooling shade of a large tree.  Use a notebook and writing instrument that spark joy for you.  It'll lift your spirits.  It's amazing how much you can get down in even just ten or fifteen minutes.  

When you go back to your journal, add more dreams.  Or develop the ones you've written down further, in greater detail.  Refine them.  Or do both and expand your imagination in breadth and depth.  In the future, you may wish to come back to see what transpired.  You may be surprised!


Summertime is a great time of year for leaning back, looking up at the sky and daydreaming.  I hope you take a few minutes to do so in the coming days.  And I hope your big dream comes true, as mine did!

July 26, 2022 — Antoinette D'Angelo


Nella said:

Antoinette, this was a lovely read..I experienced so much of the same when I began dreaming about my store..I think we have to manifest our dreams and believe they will materialize one day..thank you sweet one ! 💖

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