Last week we delved into letter writing. Who's one person you can bet would cherish a letter from you? Mum! You dads out there may want to step in for your little one here for the first time or new mother of your child.


Flowers with Mother's Day card


Mother's Day is right around the corner - it lands on Sunday, May 9th this year. How do you celebrate? Is it breakfast in bed, a family brunch, cards and flowers? This year more of us will be celebrating online or over the phone. For mothers who are separated by distance, a handwritten note makes a nice surprise.


Katie Leamon Heirloom Notebook
Miranda Hart Gardening


For those who are closer, food and flowers are perennial favourites that can be played up with decorative napkins, tablecloths and beautiful dinnerware and vases. Put love into your cooking, baking, and decorating, and it will certainly be felt. Handmade decorations and bouquets are a great way to personalize the table and honour your mom's favourite colours, motifs, and flowers. As the spring garden blooms, and if the weather cooperates, families can enjoy some nature outdoors together.


This time of year also makes us muse: have you ever asked your mother about her childhood? Your mother's mother? How well do you really know your mom? So many people go through life without really knowing much about their background. Consider using Mother's Day as an opportunity to connect with your mom and learn more about her as a way of honouring the woman who, quite literally, ushered you into this world.


We wish you all a wonderful, healthy, loving Mother's Day!


And before those May flowers arrive, we'll discuss April showers... next week!



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April 13, 2021 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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