When we were kids, there were days at school when we'd all be asked to go outside. Armed with garbage bags and the intense desire to make a positive impact, we scurried about the schoolyard picking up litter from the ground and lodged into the chain link fence by the wind. We left feeling empowered and satisfied, the way you do after a thorough cleaning of your room.

These days, it's clear that cleaning up our planet takes a lot more strategic thought, elbow grease and cooperation. Nevertheless, many people are passionate and committed to doing their part. And there's something each of us can do.

Have you heard of plogging? It comes from the combination of the words plocka upp (Swedish for 'pick up') and jogging and means to pick up garbage while you're exercising.

(One can't help but wonder if our teachers would've had us multi-task and clean up the litter outside during gym, if this catchphrase was known to them back then.)

At Figg, we partner with many brands who've made their commitment to the environment a top priority. Just a few examples:

    • Rhodia/Clairefontaine uses mainly sawmill waste, and pruned and thinned trees to produce its papers, as part of its sustainability approach.
    • Dingbats uses recyclable and vegan certified materials and is currently developing a way to make pens with biodegradable plastic.
    • E. Frances has eliminated the use of plastic sleeves on cards and uses only 100% cotton for gift tag string and retail ribbon
    • several of our local suppliers create products from repurposed books, periodicals and memorabilia

From a stationery perspective, the most environmentally-friendly writing instrument you can choose is a fountain pen. It can keep for decades, and be reused by refilling it with bottled ink. This is much preferable to single use plastic pens.


This Friday, April 22nd is Earth Day. How will you be celebrating it? What aspects of our planet are you most grateful for?

As a little bonus segment on Earth Day, next week we'll feature an interview with Mary Luciani of Pale Blue Dot in Hamilton, Ontario. Until then, we hope you enjoy the abundance of spring bulbs on glorious display!

April 19, 2022 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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