There's something romantic about this time of year. Perhaps it's the earlier, darker evenings. The sound and scent of fallen leaves crushing underfoot on our walk. Looking up to the sky at night and seeing stars. Candlelight.

Yes, an autumn evening grows round and full when we turn on some jazz and light a few candles. It feels timeless. Our connection to lighting a flame goes way back, it runs deep. Perhaps this is why it's so grounding, calming, and mesmerizing to watch a candle flicker.

Tealights and tapers create a lovely atmosphere at the table. Equally enjoyable are several surrounding your bathtub. Who wouldn't love a candlelit soak on a dark November night? It's a relaxing and restorative ritual.

This can swell into an entire home spa event when you treat yourself to cleansing balm, exfoliant, a clay mask, essential oils and a luxurious body lotion. Play some soothing music, warm your towel and have a sumptuous experience that will surely lull you to sleep afterward.

Candlelit bath

Do you have a partner? Are you familiar with the 5 Love Languages? If so, consider running a bath surrounded by candles for your loved one. Several love languages can be satisfied with such a gesture: acts of service, quality time (if you stick around), physical touch (offer them a scalp massage), or gifts (present them with scented bath products). You might even be able to please the words of affirmation person by sharing your reason for preparing the bath and writing them a little note.... and placing it on their towel to discover afterward.

Some creatives incorporate candles into their routine. They may light one before they start writing or brainstorming ideas. Doing many things by candlelight can be centering. Even taking a few minutes to observe a flickering flame and take in a few deep breaths.

Twilight candles

Twilight Taper Candles

Twilight green candles

Reverie jazz

The time leading up to the holidays and the end of the year can be a hectic one for many of us. Treat yourself well and consider something simple to restore yourself - such as watching a candle glow.
November 16, 2021 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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