Dingbats* Ātopen 6-Pack Dual Tip Fineliner/Brush Pens - Primary


Atopen is a versatile marker pen with two different tips.  You can use them to write, draw, for all kinds of arts projects, and for calligraphy.  These archival quality marker pens are made with water-based, fade proof, waterproof, and lightfast ink.  Xylene-free and odourless, too!

Each marker pen is double-ended.  One end has a tapered brush and the other end is fine-tipped.  Therefore, it's like having 12 pens that only take up the space of six in your pencil case!

Set of six. Yellow, Red, Pink, Blue, Green, and Black colours.

Store them horizontally.

Packing made from 100% recycled materials.  #5 plastic, which is usually recyclable (verify with your municipal program).  The company is currently working on a way to make pens that are completely biodegradable.

Made in Japan.