It was my dad who taught me how to ride a bicycle. I can remember pedalling and building up such surprising speed I scared myself and didn't think to use the brakes as I crashed into the corner curb. Thankfully, I had the 'get up and go' to keep at it. I was rewarded with the experience of liberation I felt as I confidently balanced myself on my bike.

The UN has declared June 3rd World Bicycle Day. These lightweight vehicles certainly deserve some celebration. I can say that they've played a happy role in my life. Over the years, my husband and I have cycled together over many terrains and experienced delightful vistas. Cycling has been an activity I've enjoyed on vacation and here at home. Niagara is a fabulous place to cycle!

Among the many trails in the region are waterfront trails along both Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, the Niagara River and the Welland Canal. There's also the Friendship Trail in Ridgeway and popular routes along the many vineyards in our area. It's a wonderful way to spend a day during the warmer months - especially if you pack a little picnic!

In just over a month, some of us may be following the well-known, multiple-day cycling event, the Tour de France.

Are you one of the lucky ones who've seen this race in person? Or maybe you're someone who's heard of it, watched a bit here and there, but never really understood how it works?

We thought we'd give you the skinny on how the jerseys work, so when you see the highlights in July, you'll be in the know (if you aren't already). There are four jersey colours that you'll see specific riders wear during the event. The race has several stages, and at the end of each one, the lead rider for each category is awarded their respective jersey and the right to wear it during the following day's race.

Yellow (maillot jaune)
This is the most coveted jersey of them all. It's awarded to the fastest rider. You may see it referred to as the general classification (GC) category.  

This jersey is awarded to the rider with the most cumulative points. Points vary by stage. Days with flat terrain and sprint days have more opportunities for points than those with hills.

Polka Dot (white with red dots)
This goes to the rider with the most mountain points. Points vary based on the difficulty of the ascent/climb. There are five levels of difficulty. Hors Categorie (HC) is the most difficult, then 1 through 4, with 4 being the least difficult.

This is awarded to the fastest rider who's age is 25 or younger.

Does this help? Here are a few other words you may hear among cyclists:

the main pack of cyclists in a race

to ride at a very easy pace

the eleven (or the ten)
handlebars that support the riders elbows and create a more aerodynamic shape

Figg Street Co.

Figg Street Co. is turning 9
It’s hard to believe nine years have gone by since the doors at Figg Street Co. opened. I recall wondering if others would enjoy stationery in a digital age as much as I do. It's been an exciting adventure that can feel like a never-ending roller coaster ride. The truth is, Figg Street Co. wouldn’t exist without you. The connections are what I value the most.

I'm sincerely grateful for your support and friendship. Thank you with all my heart 💛

Stay tuned to our social media for more details about our upcoming anniversary sale!

May 30, 2023 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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