May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada. It's a time to reflect on and learn about our Asian-Canadian history over the past couple centuries, and to celebrate the achievements and contributions of people of Asian origin.

This year, the theme is "Stories of Determination". Narratives of holding onto one's vision and overcoming challenges exemplify this. You may appreciate our Reverie section, which is aligned with this 2023 theme.

At Figg Street Co., we support and enjoy several Asian and Asian-Canadian brands. Let's take a look together at what's in our shop:


It's fair to say that the majority of our Asian brands come from Japan. To anyone who loves stationery, this probably isn't a surprise. Japan is amongst the world's best paper product producers and writing instrument creators. The Japanese have beautiful handmade items created by skilled craftspeople and also embrace modern design and technological innovation. There's something for everyone.

Some of the Japanese brands and products we carry include:

  • The Superior Labor (cotton canvas and leather pouches, tool holders, notebook covers & cases)
  • Pont Neuf (notebooks, including the William Morris, Majorelle and Sugar Cube collections)
  • Japanese papers
  • SODA washi tape
  • Midori (memo pads, stickers, brass instruments, notebooks and more)
  • Traveler's Company (travel notebooks and their accessories, including elastics, stickers, refills, etc.)


  • TWSBI is a brand name derived from the phrase "San Wen Tong" which means "Hall of Three Cultures" in Chinese. This in turn references three masterpieces of Chinese calligraphy. The initials of this phrase were reversed and then "Bi" added at the end, which means "writing instruments". At Figg Street Co, we carry a wide selection of fountain pens, as well as cartridges and accessories. The clear barrels of these pens allow you to see your ink level and make them especially in-demand.
  • Ferris Wheel Press is a Chinese-Canadian brand. The brand's fountain pens reference traditional calligrapher's paint brushes in design. Inks and accessories are inspired by ferris wheels and carousels and are named after Canadian landmarks and other cultural references. In addition to their fountain pens and inks, we also carry their colourful notebooks in our shop.


  • Nebula Notebooks are renowned for their beloved fountain pen friendly Tomoe River paper, which is made in Japan. 


  • Endless - one of our newer offerings, Endless Refillable Leather Journals, Recorder Notebooks and Creative Block Tear-Off Notepads feature their own in-house trademark Regalia paper.

We also carry handmade Himalyan Lokta Paper from a Tibetan paper supplier. These are wonderful as wrapping paper or other creative projects.


What Asian-Canadian events and activities have you enjoyed this month?

If you prefer reading about Asian heritage (perhaps outside, in the spring garden), check out these recommendations by staff at the Niagara Falls Public Library.

Wishing you a floriferous week!

May 23, 2023 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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