Explorer - Refillable Leather Journal Regalia Paper ~ Green

By Endless

The Explorer is a canvas waiting for you to ink your thoughts and ideas. Watch the leather sleeve evolve as you do, and become uniquely yours with an exquisite natural patina. Every Explorer is accompanied by an open-type leather Pen Loop

The Explorer has been designed to work with the Storyboard Large Notebooks. The Explorer will arrive with a single Storyboard Large Notebook with 80gsm Regalia Paper with a Dotted Layout.

The Notebook and the Pen Loop are packaged in a box that is designed to serve as an archival storage box for the Storyboard Notebooks once they’re used.

The Explorer comes with 2 extra pre-loaded bands which can help the user store upto two more Storyboard Large Notebooks.

Handcrafted Leather Sleeve - 8.1” x 5.7”
Open-Type Leather Pen Loop with Elastic
Extra Holding Bands for Two Notebooks
One Storyboard Large Notebook - 7.5” x 5.1”
Dotted Layout
64 Pages of 80gsm Regalia Paper