Whether you are an employee, student, business owner, or use a desk for administrative or creative activities, there is something satisfying about a clean workspace.  Some like a tabula rasa or blank canvas look to their desk, while others delight in seeing a jumble of pencils and pens in holders and an abundance of colourful office supplies at hand.  Whatever your style, your workspace probably feels best when it reflects you.

Desk organization


Consider colours, textures, fragrance and items you like.  It doesn't all need to be functional.  Adding a vase of flowers to your area can give it some life.  Keeping items that make you feel good close by will make your use of the space more enjoyable.

Some people also create habits or rituals around specific objects.  For example, many authors light a candle on their desk as they prepare to write.  Others set out a week-at-a-glance notepad on their desk and review it each morning before setting to work.


Velvet Planner

Joy at Work


Consider making the ordinary extraordinary: rather than kraft paper brown file folders, add some whimsy with cheerful colours and uplifting patterns and designs.  If you like metallics or sparkle, think of the objects you frequently use and whether you'd enjoy a more beautiful option.  That funny mug or pretty vase might make an excellent pencil holder!  By energizing your workspace with things that inspire you, you'll feel good as you work through your day.

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March 30, 2021 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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