As we watch the little bulbs of early spring push their way up through the soil and see perennials return and unfurl, we, too, become a little more keen to move about.  One way many of us peel back the feeling of winter and experience the fresh and new is by spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning


There is something uplifting about removing things that are unused, unnecessary or undesired.  That feeling of spaciousness makes room for happier moments.  Releasing the past and making space for the new.

Once unwanted items are removed, we may want to clean our storage spaces or our home overall.  Washing windows, sealing stone countertops, cleaning cabinets, the inside of our refrigerator, microwave, and shower can reinvigorate our space with a sense of vitality.


Smitten on Paper Clips


After everything is sorted and clean, we organize our belongings and determine what and how we wish to display them.  This is when we may discover some changes we'd like.  Perhaps your vase needs an update.  Or you may realize you find keeping your favourite pieces within eyesight is more uplifting than hiding them away.  Other things that are necessary, but perhaps not as visually interesting may get moved into drawers rather than shelves.  Maybe you enjoy the look of utilitarian items and prefer it the other way around.


Cleaning with lemon


Perhaps one of the best parts of spring cleaning is knowing it's a part of life that you can actually do something about.  It's empowering.  Whether your space is a condo, apartment, townhouse, one room, a whole house or even just half of a closet - it's up to you.  It's yours to design.

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March 23, 2021 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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