Spring can make us a bit antsy for movement. Winter often means a more sedentary pace, but spring really calls out for us to stretch and move about. We all know it's great for our body, but some of us find out (sometimes the hard way) that it's also best for our minds and mood.
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Want to try something really easy? Close your eyes (after you finish reading this paragraph, that is) and hold out one of your arms in front of you. Now ask yourself, how do I know my hand and arm are out there? Can you feel the aliveness in your hand and arm that makes you aware that you have a limb there, even though you can't see it? This is a great way to connect with yourself and feel more centered.

The Niagara region is rich with beautiful areas in which to exercise: the escarpment, fitness trails along the Welland Canal and Niagara river, the beaches along both Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, provincial and city parks, vineyards, and marinas. Whether you enjoy walking, running, cycling or roller blading, there's somewhere beautiful to do it close by.

If you prefer working out indoors, or you need to, there are many options. There're video workouts, which have become even more popular this past year. There're monthly subscriptions available though fitness instructors such as Tracy Anderson and Taryn Toomey. It's also great to check out your local yoga studio or gym. Many are now providing online classes. Free weights and home equipment are another option, if you have these tools. Otherwise, you can always design your own workout.

Anya Taylor-Joy, the actress known for her lead roles in The Queen's Gambit and Emma (2020) said she starts each day by dancing to three songs of her choice. Elizabeth Gilbert, the American author, said she also dances every day and that it has been an effective part of her healing process after the death of her partner. Both these women dance freestyle. No training required!

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The key is to find whatever feels good to you. If you're someone who performs best when there's accountability, consider buddying up with a friend or family member over the phone. Or create your own exercise log. Perhaps even to share with others. Exercise is flexible - we can customize it to be a reflection of ourself and make up the rules, if any, as we go. 
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May 11, 2021 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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