Paperblanks Joyous Springtime - Dot Grid - Ultra - Hardcover


Mila Marquis’s ethereal, joyous artwork combines sparkling emotion and unashamedly sweet depictions of fairies, fawns and flowers that cajole even the heaviest spirits to soar. Our Joyous Springtime cover recreates an original piece by Marquis that was inspired by the warm first sun rays after a long winter’s sleep.

240 pages, 100 GSM

Width: 180mm (7")
Height: 230mm (9")
Depth: 22mm (¾")

Decorative printed cover paper
100% recycled binder boards
FSC-certified text paper
Threaded stitching and glue, as needed
Cloth headbands
Acid-free sustainable forest paper
Flexible cover and spine
Index page
Numbered Pages
Memento Pouch