Sometimes, when the day is long, the sun is covered and my feet achy, I feel happy to arrive home. A sweet treat in the wintertime is being greeted by the candlelight my husband arranges before I walk in the door.

At this time of year, candles are one of those ways that grounds me at home. It creates a soft glow and a general feeling of warmth and safety. Making a hot cup of coffee or tea in a favourite cup to hold in my hands is another pleasure at home.

For many people, home is a place of sanctuary. A safe space. A refuge from the stresses of our culture and anyone who isn't centred and peaceful. It's also a domain in which you have a say. It's a space where you can cultivate whatever you like.

Does your home reflect who you are? Are you living with colours that resonate with you? Textures that feel good? Houseplants that breathe life into your space? Have you considered how things are made?

The environmental impact, quality of craftsmanship, and the attitude of the person who made it and/or sold it to you can all impact how you feel about a thing.

Romance the ordinary. Focus on frequently used items. Living with beautiful, well-made artifacts that delight you daily is a wonderful way to live. Objects that literally make you pause to appreciate the way the light hits it just so... the sound of its chime when struck, or the satisfying way its curves align perfectly with your fingers when you hold it... These are just a few of life's little pleasures that you create for yourself.


Whether it's cooking, scrapbooking or starting some seeds indoors, we hope your time at home is nourishing and restorative this week (and always).

February 22, 2022 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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