If you haven't, it may be because it's fairly new. It was created seven years ago by Toronto artist Courtney Senior and since then, it's become an international event. Join us on Saturday, March 12th when artists around the globe place their creations within their local communities for others to find.

International Art & Found Day is an uplifting wonderment during one of the last days of winter. It brings together generosity, kindness, creativity, community and the element of surprise!

Do you have any favourite local artists? Where do you like to view their works? Or to discover new talent? If you're about on Saturday, March 12th, you may learn of a new artist by chance and score an original artwork for your home!

In Niagara, we've experienced similar delights while walking through the woods. One time, someone created a trail of inspiring and encouraging messages for others to discover along the path. More recently, we saw colourful bird feeders dangling from branches made by local schoolchildren.

Spontaneity and surprises like these add a light-hearted touch to anyone's day. It keeps us open to the experience of wonder. It can make us feel grateful. And it can bring a smile to our face.

Sharing their art with the world is a generous act by the artist. You might even call it a random act of kindness. They don't know who will receive their piece or the effect it will have on them.

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a random act of kindness? When such behaviours are written about or shown in the news, it can be heart-warming to see. People paying for the groceries of the person behind them in line, anonymous donations, and generous tips to service staff often get noticed.

However, even small gestures such as giving a smile to the person walking or running by you on the sidewalk can create a positive domino effect. You never know how your kindness can affect the world.

On Saturday, March 12th, we hope you have a chance to experience and delight in Art & Found Day. If you do end up finding something, let us know! We enjoy hearing about your creative discoveries.

March 01, 2022 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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