Nature's a rich source of inspiration. It's ever-changing, growing, morphing, etc. There's always something showing us a new perspective, if we only stop for a moment and observe. Tomorrow - Wednesday, September 22nd - is the autumnal equinox, the first day of fall. As the hours of daylight grow fewer, several plants form seed pods and fade.

Fall Mums
Whereas bulbs are the stars of the early and mid-spring gardens, the kitchen garden sings in the fall.  It's the peak of harvest season and there's an abundance of vegetable and fruit crops, many with beautiful (and sometimes tasty) foliage. Herbs are also a wonderful choice to collect and dry or press.

Those of you who garden may already have a journal you keep with notes on your seed sowing and plantings.  A herbarium or scrapbook is another way to enjoy your garden - even after the season has finished. By pressing flowers and foliage between sheets of paper, you can preserve their beauty and make helpful or whimsical notes to accompany them in a pretty blank page notebook. You can also place your treasures behind glass and frame them.

Washi tape is a great tape to affix pressed flowers to a sheet of paper. Consider the placement of your bloom before you press it - do you want a page devoted to each species, or do you prefer assembling petals and foliage into a grouping or a botanical art piece? Decorative paper makes a wonderful backdrop and coloured or metallic ink can add some personality.
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Nature Journaling

Creating a record of this season's plant material, or a garden-themed wall hanging is a wonderful way to restore your energy and connect with nature. Appreciating the abundance at this time of year as a great thing to do in September.

Next week, we'll discuss our brand new national holiday and forgiveness. Until then, we hope you find some time to enjoy this season's flora and fauna!

September 21, 2021 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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