We know washi's doing... she's taping photos and momentos into her scrapbook!

Washi tape is a wonderful plant-based tape that comes in a wide variety of colours and printed designs. Since it doesn't leave a residue, you can remove it without damaging the material to which it's adhered. Anyone who's spent time trying to remove gummy adhesive from glass will appreciate this feature!

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Have any of you started bullet journaling after reading our August 31st newsletter? If so, you might like to try using washi tape to personalize your notebook. It can be folded over the paper edges to create custom page dividers or flags. Cover up mistakes or logos you don't want to see with a pretty tape instead. You can also use pieces to create a legend, and use a different colour or design to represent a unique category. Washi tape is great for creating a tracker (e.g. mood tracker with a different washi tape for each mood).

In the kitchen, washi is sometimes used on glasses to identify one person's glass from another. They're also useful on jars and containers since you can write on them, turning them into versatile labels.

Creatives love washi for scrapbooking and creating collages. Your options are only limited by your imagination!

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Soda Washi Tape

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Another place washi comes in handy is when adhering plant materials into your own herbarium. Join us next week when we'll talk about using inspiration from the outdoors in a creative way.

September 14, 2021 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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