Who are the women in your life who help bring you to your centre of peace and calm? The ones who make you laugh, who you look forward to seeing? Who you can trust with anything and won't judge you? Who do you just adore and love so much?

The upcoming holidays is one of those times that gives us a great excuse to express our feelings to the many women in our life we cherish.

Does the woman you're considering love colour? Perhaps specific colours, textures, and design elements?

The holidays are an opportunity to gift someone with an everyday basic, like a writing instrument, of a quality that matches what they deserve. It's also a good time to surprise them with a newly released item you know they'll love, but they may be unaware of.


      Whatever the activity, we wish you plenty of time this holiday season doing what you love with the women you love in your life. Let them know how precious they are.

      November 22, 2022 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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