When I think of the many school pageants going on in the lead-up to Christmas, I can't help thinking about Ken Robinson. One of his two TED Talks was the #1 most watched video in the world (and the second wasn't far behind). In one of them, he talks about children's gumption to give things a try, even when they're uncertain. He speaks of three kids with tea towels on their heads playing wise men bringing gifts. The first one says, "I bring gold". The second, "I bring myrrh". And the last one wings it: "Frank sent this!".

Are there any boys or men in your life that make you laugh? A funny uncle? A little nephew or grandson's antics?

Sometimes it's the tender moments I witness with the men in my life that touch me the most. An encouraging word, helping hand and unexpected gentleness can be heart-warming.

Take a moment to think about the special men in your life. What interests do they have? What colour(s) do they gravitate toward? We have a few things at Figg Street Co. for your special someone:

We wish you joy in selecting special items for the men in your life.

Next week, we'll be setting the table. Until then, take a moment to pause and enjoy the brilliant, colourful sunrises and sunsets on display. Twice daily!


November 29, 2022 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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