Do you remember those first few weeks of the pandemic? When the world went quiet and suddenly, wildlife started appearing on city streets? One of my friends in downtown Toronto looked out her window one morning and saw an owl resting on a tree branch in her back garden. She phoned her next-door neighbour who went to her window to share the experience. Her neighbour had been living there for over forty years and said this was only the second time she'd seen an owl in the neighbourhood.

Fortunately, it doesn't always take a world-wide event for us to stop to smell the roses and hear the birds chirping. When we pay attention as we walk about, we can observe and hear many things. The soft tapping sound of woodpeckers, the sudden game of tag between two squirrels, and soon, we'll hear the first bees buzzing as they collect pollen from crocuses and other early spring bulbs. (A few days ago, one of us saw a garden with many blooming snowdrops!)

Of course, in addition to wildlife, there are many of us with pets. Here at Figg Street Co, we have cat lovers, a dog owner, and one of us even had a pet turtle growing up, amongst various goldfishes. There were many visits to the petting zoo to see the adorable bunnies, farm animals and swans in the pond. Feeding the ducks was another favourite childhood memory.


Animal notebooks are also fitting as places for us to doodle or sketch our pets or a silly squirrel outside. Use watercolour, pencil or pastels to capture those sad, yet endearing eyes of our pup looking up at us or our kitten nestled on top of a blanket. Precious moments like these are also worthy of an entry in a gratitude journal.

Have you spent any time with animals this week? Do they make you laugh? Comfort you? Creatures of all kinds get into shenanigans. We hope you witness something ridiculous, tender, or both(!) that brings you a deep sense of joy.

February 14, 2023 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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