Ah, Halloween. Many creative souls love this time to express their original and imaginative ideas. Whether through costume, hair, makeup, nail art, decorations or the culinary arts, there's a way to add whimsy to the ordinary. This is a holiday about sharing with others, letting one's hair down and taking things less seriously.

While every holiday during the year has its own unique atmosphere, this is literally the case with Halloween. It's one of the few holidays that includes outdoor activities in the evening. The colourful sunsetting sky, ominous clouds and moonlight truly set the scene. There's the familiar sound of autumn leaves crunching underfoot as a deluge of children overtake sidewalks and footpaths.

Trick-or-treating is a delight for the senses and includes the thrilling element of surprise. It's exciting and joyful to see homes where people have clearly put in an effort to create a memorable experience for its visitors. Clever pumpkin carvings, thematic animals displayed in the garden, and sound effects can really add something special that many will recall fondly.

Preparing for the big night is a lot of the fun. I can remember the sound of our scissors snipping construction paper when I was in school. What a satisfying sound! We'd make orange paper lanterns and cut out black bats and cats to string up into a garland or mobile. Do you enjoy paper crafts? Check out our Reverie below.

For children, those of us with children in our life, and those of us who simply have never lost our childlike capacity for fun, there are many ways to celebrate Halloween. For any of us who are a little too old to be greeted at doors on Halloween night with a warm welcome, there are other ways to express ourselves.

Perhaps you simply want to draw something related to this time of year. Or paint. Or write. Or do any of these making activities with a seasonal colour. Orange, black, green, purple, yellow, grey and brown are all popular ink colours at this time of year. Even our Rhodia products, in their recognizable black and orange covers seem especially suitable.


We hope you have a wonderful Halloween today and tonight! We wish you many treats, and only joyful tricks.

Join us again next week, when we'll provide you with a treat of our own: a special interview with a local maker!

October 31, 2023 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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