When you look outside your window at this time of year and see freshly fallen snow, does that smooth, untouched landscape remind you of an empty page? Tabula rasa is another term for blank slate, often used in art & design.

In this dormant season, things are stirring underground. It's a great time for creative brainstorming and experimentation. The seeds of today will bear fruit in time.

While some of us get excited about sitting down to a brand new notebook, sheet of paper or unused art or craft supplies, others feel daunted. When we have many options, it can feel overwhelming. Where to start? What to choose?

The trick seems to be not falling into a rabbit hole of intrusive thoughts. The more we can clear our minds of unkind messages and just delight in the moment, the more things flow.

If you're writing, one way to do this is to simply write down anything you're thinking. Don't judge yourself, just get what's on your mind down on paper, and what do you know? You're writing. If you're drawing, doodle without constraints. Recognize the freedom you already have to express yourself on paper. If you don't like it, you don't have to keep it or show it to anyone. You're safe - it's all good.

Creativity is often presented as one of life's extras or even luxuries. But it's actually an important part of being human. We all benefit from our own and others' expressions of creativity.

What making activity brings you joy? Is there anything you've wanted to try but have repeatedly put off? Calligraphy, origami, sewing, painting, writing? What's a small step you can take? Think of something you can dip your toe into one Saturday afternoon.


We were overwhelmed and very touched by the positive messages we received about last week's newsletter. It's always very uplifting to hear how this weekly communication has impacted others.

There's so much competing for our time. When you spend a few minutes with us and our creations each week, we really appreciate it.

Thank you.

February 01, 2022 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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