Would you like a sensuous Valentine's Day this year? The key is paying attention to your senses. Cook up something special with our six ingredient recipe.

No partner? No worries. Read through these ideas and see what interests you. Then, create for yourself a delightful evening. After all, our relationship with ourself is first and foremost: make it a good one.


  • Decor: tidy up and set the table. Use linen and the good china.
  • Wardrobe: pretend it's a first date. Make an effort and wear a colour or outfit your partner likes.
  • To Give: select a thoughtful card, gift and wrap it in a beautiful manner.


  • On or off? Consider the sound of silence.
  • Or Music... something soft, romantic or more upbeat - whether you want to salsa in your kitchen or cook to jazz, select something that makes you smile.
  • Thanks: expressing gratitude for a specific act or your special person in general is a sure bet to lift the mood.


  • Greenery: roses, gardenias, or herbs like lemon balm and rosemary will provide a pleasing fragrance.
  • Food & Drink: consider the scent of warm tomato sauce, citrus, and strawberries.
  • Body: wear a favourite perfume or oil.
  • Home: scented candles and diffusers wafting through the air create an atmosphere of consideration and safety.


  • To eat: make or order in a favourite dish, snack or dessert (or all three!). Pull out a French cookbook for something decadent. Chocolate, raspberries and strawberries are classics at this time of year for good reason.
  • To drink: whether alcoholic or not, something sparkling adds a festive air, and any beverage can be garnished with a little citrus, berry, or sprig of mint.


  • To express affection: it wouldn't be Valentine's day without a romantic gesture.
  • To relax: preparing a massage or bath demonstrates love and care.
  • Texture: this can relate to any other item on the list; cotton paper, letterpress gift wrap, the bubbly sensation of sparkling water...


  • Intuition: follow your inner knowing on what suits you and your partner; after all, you're the expert on you and your relationship.
  • Above all else... take responsibility for the energy you bring to any space. Are you feeling and exuding a sense of peace, calm, love? You can make incredible plans, but if you're giving off a harried, worried, or unsettled vibe, it will affect the mood and create a reality you don't want. Feel and be the embodiment of love, and you will spread it - it's contagious!

Even if you're focused on your partner, you also get to delight in taking these actions, too! Enjoy each step of the process. Take a few deep breaths. Take in all the senses: sight, sound, scent, taste, and touch. Appreciate this moment and how good it feels. Memorize that feeling and recall it as often as you like.

We wish you much love, kindness, joy, and pleasant surprises. Happy Valentine's Day!

February 08, 2022 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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