Summertime is about spending hours outside. Warmth, scent and light draw us outdoors. So many features of this season soothe our soul: the feeling of walking barefoot on grass, the gentle buzzing of bumblebees floating from flower to flower, the scent of lavender in the heat and the cooling relief of a citrus-infused beverage.

These hot, hazy days are gently nudging us to relax. Laying out a blanket on the lawn, a towel on the beach or leaning back onto a lounge chair on into a hammock lead your eyes upward. While so much of our lives are spent hunched forward, now's our time to arch back and look up, perhaps through the leaves of an overhanging tree.

Clear, blue skies are calming. But it's also fun to watch fluffy clouds drift by, taking note of their resemblance to people, places, and things. If you're present for sunrise or sunset, you can watch nature's twice-daily sun concert, when mesmerizing hues morph into others in the sky.

Summertime lounging lends well to reading, writing, and sketching. It's pleasant enough outside to doodle at a table or paint en plein air. There's a stillness in summer that makes it easy to centre, even when there's so much going on all around. Perhaps it's the heat in the air holding us in place, grounding us, making us observe in silence.

Perhaps you're on a break, vacation, or maybe you just have the weekend and some time in the evenings. Whatever the case, savour the warmth and sun, and indulge your senses and imagination. This is quintessential daydreaming time. A chance to allow new ideas to spring forth and simmer.

Give yourself ten minutes with a blank page and the writing instrument of your choice. Draw, write, diagram, scribble... whatever feels right to you. Maybe you need to get an uncomfortable emotion out onto paper or chart out a challenge you're facing. Or jot down an idea you just had. Or a dream you've buried deep inside you. Give it a go and see how it makes you feel afterward.


We hope you feel the beauty, warmth and peace summertime can offer us. And we also hope you feel inspired and creative. Join us next week when we explore more summer arts-related matters together!

July 12, 2022 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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