Kaweco Al Sport Collection Vibrant Violet Fountain Pen

By Kaweco


For centuries violet was one of the most precious colors ever, because the production of the color pigments was highly complex. Even today, purple still has, with no doubt, a high quality look and Kaweco is proud to introduce a brilliant Vibrant Violet color for the Kaweco AL Sport Collection limited edition.

Kaweco Collection Vibrant Violet features an aluminium body and cap with double anodising. For the fisrt time on AL Sport series you will find gold trim and a "Kaweco Collection" laser engraving in gold. The fountain pen comes with a special and exclusive packaging for this limited edition.

As early as 1905 Kaweco had already manufactured the first writing instruments made out of metal. Products which were made out of silver or gold plated brass. Today Kaweco AL Sport is the fountain pen series made with high-quality aluminium processed by CNC-technique and other processes in order to obtain a satin finish and hardened surface.

With the Kaweco Sport something special was created in 1911. A pocket fountain pen that only measured 10,5 cm when closed and therefore came in handy as an every day carry item. When placing the cap on the barrel, the pen measured 13 cm. Back in the days it was advertised for ladies, gentlemen and sportsmen.

Made in Germany