Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 12th. This annual holiday has changed for me since my mother passed away. I know many others who've been through this life change and have shared that they, too, see things afresh.

I've also observed a wide range of relationships around me with respect to motherhood and Mother's Day. There are people who've known all their life that they wanted to be a mother. Some of these women fulfilled their dream, while others have experienced challenges conceiving. Some people have chosen adoption. Some are foster parents. Some mother through volunteer work and leading by example.

Mother's Day is a holiday that can bring out a variety of emotions in any of us. For some, it's a first time celebration, a joyous occasion that sparks a new chapter in one's life. For others it can be a painful reminder of an unfulfilled dream or a parent who left them in childhood. Some have difficult and complicated relationships with their mothers. Some are grieving. Life is complicated. Sometimes we may be simultaneously processing the loss of a mother while celebrating a new life.

In addition to the range of experiences we all have with our mothers and children, we may also have more than one mother figure in our life. There are many faces of motherhood.

Some of us are gifted a bonus mom or several. In addition to our birth and legal parents, this can be a loving step-mother, or one or more godmothers, for example.

I know of a woman who lost both her parents in childhood. Her grandmother and aunts were mother figures for her. She's maintained close ties with them throughout her life.

Sometimes a family friend, neighbour or teacher takes on a mothering role without even realizing it. They can provide meaningful guidance and examples to younger generations.

In this digital age, we have access to the teachings of a large number of people through interviews, books, articles and videos. Sometimes the works of a particular public figure may be someone we look up to as a role model. People such as Oprah Winfrey, Louise Hay and Princess Diana come to mind.

Of course, many of us are lucky enough to celebrate our mothers this Mother's Day, and even be one of the mothers being celebrated! Life experiences teach us that parenting is a big, meaningful role filled with challenges and rewards.

At Figg Street Co., we celebrate all kinds of mothers at various stages of life. We also recognize the mixed or difficult emotions that this holiday can raise for some. We see you. It's okay. We appreciate all the flavours of human experience at the Mother's Day buffet.

Whatever your stage of life and personal experience, we wish you and your loved ones peace and joy this Sunday... and every day! 


Who are the mother figures in your life? What characteristics do you most admire and appreciate? We love hearing about inspiring individuals.
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May 07, 2024 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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