Over the past few years, you may have heard of the Japanese cultural term, forest bathing. While we may not have bestowed it with this moniker in the past, many of us have experienced the beauty and serenity of time spent in the woods.

The Niagara escarpment is rich in forest landscape, complete with diverse plants, wildlife and breathtaking waterfalls. There's something special at each time of year. In the springtime, we can see how quickly change is occurring, the abundance of nature and hear birdsong as we walk along any of the trails.

When we look up, we see a canopy of fresh spring green foliage framing the blue sky. Looking across we see tree upon tree, branches bursting forth with foliage, flying birds and insects. Below our feet, the earth is teeming with life. Fungi is emerging through leaf mould and various insects clammer about carrying building materials or food.

When life brings us challenges, or we feel exhausted from a busy day, the forest is wonderful place to go. Whether you choose to walk, run or mountain bike, you're bound to feel better afterward than you did before you began.

This isn't a complete list. We're brimming with natural resources in Niagara. There are many other forests and smaller wooded areas dotted throughout neighbourhoods, farmland and other spots. Where is your favourite place to forest bathe?



A friend of mine did a student exchange in university. He went to live in Stockholm, Sweden. He said that one of the things people say in Swedish when they're upset with you translates to, "go to the forest!".

We think going to the forest sounds perfectly fine... how about you?

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May 14, 2024 — Antoinette D'Angelo


JUNE said:

My friend and I used to go to Tim Hortons then to Short Hill’s around 7:30 – 8:00 at night to watch the deer and have a tea. It’s just the does and fawns. The bucks are more commonly seen after dark, in the middle of the road, defiantly staring down your vehicle. Watch along the side of the road for deer running across the road in this area. You dont want to hit one. You might see some wild turkeys too.

Another great place to just go to sit, relax and talk is any picnic table along the Niagara Parkway along the upper Niagara River. Somewhere around Chippewa is a good place. Again, take a tea. It’s cool by the water no matter
how hot it was during the day.

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