Of all the seasons, I think autumn may be my favourite.  It's certainly an enjoyable time for running outdoors: not too hot, not too cold, just right.  There's also the visual beauty of colourful leaves to enjoy along the many nature trails in Niagara, including our lovely escarpment. 

Also in Niagara, we experience an abundance of ripe fruit and vegetables, as well as wine season during the fall.  There are harvest festivals and bustling farmers' and craft markets most weekends.  While a few flowers, like roses, continue to bloom late into the autumn, most set seed.  Some of the seed heads are just as beautiful as the flowers themselves.

There's also a call to many creators at this time of year.  It's a busy season for knitters, who enjoy fall's cozy vibes and a return to sweater weather.  Many woodworkers, paper artists and those who sew look ahead to the upcoming holidays and set about their making. 

At Figg Street Co. we see many of these people in the shop.  Students also seem drawn to writing instruments and paper products at this time.  Part of nestling into autumn for many is about selecting an attractive notebook, sketchbook, or journal and letting their imagination run free on the page. 

Are you curious about how far into colour change our tree leaves are?  Scroll down the Ontario Fall Colours Progression Report webpage to 'Leaf Colour Changes By Region' and click on 'Niagara Region' to see an up-to-date reading of Niagara's status.  (Click here to view.)


We hope you've enjoyed spending a few minutes with us appreciating this beautiful time of year.  While the leaves turn colour and seed heads abound, the weather can fluctuate.  Sometimes, there's the inevitable rainstorm.  Next week, we'll venture gingerly into stormy territory...  until then, have a delightful week!


October 10, 2023 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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